Finally found a set of crossbars!FINALLY! I’ve been looking for a set since I bought the car. I also found a hatch a few weeks back and got that on this weekend too. Never had any of this before. First Yakima rack, never switched a hatch or anything, so a learning experience if you will.

Found the hatch in a junkyard of all places (only 10,00 9-2x’s were made, so one in good shape, in my color is pretty rare) Had the 4Runner at the time so no issues there

This is actually a few weeks later, swapped the hatch yesterday and picked up these racks today, obviously I had to test fit!


During the install, for these and 02-07 impreza wagons, it’s pretty much necessary to disassemble the rear of the interior to unplug the harness, the bolts are simply under a cover. I didn’t get it adjusted right at first so I had to go back and fix that so it wouldn’t rub, but it’s good to go now.

So this is how she sits now, I’ve taken the racks back off for gas mileage and I don’t want them stolen. The towers have locks and all, but the bike trays themselves don’t lock.


If anybody needs a hatch for a 9-2x lemme know, I’ve got an extra lol. Also I’ve got a question for you oppo’s. I happened to win a raffle prize of either an instagram sticker, winshield bar, and custom shirt, or 2 custom shirts. I was going to go with the 2 shirts, but if anybody has an idea for a winshild bar I might go with that. And also, anybody know where to buy parts for yakima stuff? I need the rubber for the towers, missing one.