Roofing woes

Dramatization via google image search

So here’s the roof replacement story thus far.

Insurance approves the roof replacement due to storm damage.

8 June 2017 - Thursday - Roofers call, want to deliver the shingles that day. Very well, all is right. They deliver to the wrong address. Many calls were made.


9 June 2017 - Friday - Shingles were supposed to be moved from the neighbors house, out of their driveway, early in the day. This happened around 1500, which I do not consider early. Calls were made, and we were cool with the fact that installation was scheduled for the next day. Nice.

10 June 2017 - Saturday - We wait around the house, wanted to be there when the installers arrived. Calls were made, calls were not answered or returned. Crew showed up to drop off a dumpster and tools at around 1700 that evening. What followed was the single worst job of maneuvering a trailer into a spot I have ever seen. Over an hour of trying to get the trailer into our driveway finally resulted in the trailer sort of in place. Crew said they were coming by Sunday morning, 0700, to get the job done. Fine.

11 June 2017 - Sunday - Crew shows up at 0710. Ok, close enough. They proceed to start setting up, but I’m not sure if they are, because they speak zero English. F$#@. Well, they get to work.

11 June 2017 - Sunday - approximately 0815, after approximately 30 minutes of tearing shingles off my roof, one of the roofer’s support ropes snaps and he falls off my roof onto my deck. Yep, right off my roof. Onto my deck on his back. Double F$@. I proceed to call 911 while my wife, a trauma nurse by trade, attempts to figure out if the guy is going to proceed to die on my deck. Seems concussed, teeth are bleeding, pain in his back. Duh. His crew manager continues to try to get the kid up, all the while basically pleading for us to not have paramedics come out and look at his guy WHO JUST FELL OFF MY ROOF. I ignore this request. Paramedics and cop arrive, and of course can’t communicate with the crew. I know the leader can speak some English, and he proceeds to play dumb and not talk to the paramedics in English. Ass. They refuse the trip to the hospital.


11 June 2017 - Sunday - 0930 - Another person, a lady, who acts as translator arrives. Agrees to take this concussed, bleeding, in pain 17 year old kid who fell off my roof to the hospital to get his ankle checked out. Because that’s the thing that should worry you. Many calls were made, but it’s Sunday, so few results. Finally they let us know they’d do what they can to get a crew out on Monday, you know, since we have severe thunderstorms rolling in on Tuesday.

12 June 2017 - Monday - 0950 - new Crew finally shows up. Hope they bought new ropes.



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