Rookie Mistakes: Continued (+ DOTS!)

Delivering some sweet smart action!


So...I admit that during my recent battery swapping extravaganza I didn’t fully tighten the clamps on my battery terminals.

On the way to Madame DeLorean’s place this weekend I took notice that my lights flickered whenever you turned on the turn signals. Hmmm...that’s never happened before. I didn’t think anything of it until last night when the flickers became more pronounced. Finally, on the way home from Chicago the car started to have a meltdown. EVERY light in the car (from headlights to dashboard lights) started rapidly flashing, each flashing at a different rate. About a minute later I started seeing cascading system failures. First the traction control, then the ABS, then the airbag light popped on, and before I knew it the only systems still going were the engine and transmission. I ran a red light and coasted into a parking lot. I then pulled back the passenger carpet and realized that the negative clamp freed itself from the battery terminal. Oops...*sigh* my fault. Tightened that sucker on and all was back to normal.

Meanwhile, my new carb, filter, and fuel lines for the CF Moto have already arrived. Tonight I do some cleaning of the tank then replace all the fuel lines and the carb. Once done the little scoot should be better than ever!


DOTS: Volvo wagon! Looked to be pretty original with little rust and paint that still shined in most places.

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