Its a lovely evening. I’ve got my favorite root beer, a Chinesium carb to replace the original Kymco carb I ruined by breaking off the tip of a needle into an orifice I was trying to clean out. Twas only $18 thanks to the Canadian exchange rate ... Yeah Canadian seller, carb shipped directly from China ... The modern world!

I’m gonna futz around with this little bugger for a while, then take a ride on my 125. Wife and kids are all in bed already. Not a bad way to spend an evening.


She fired right up! I took it for a little test ride. The speedo doesn’t work, but she goes, stops, and turns just fine.

When I got down to air up the tires, I was super pleased to see the rear tire has been replaced with a Michelin. The front, however, is some Chinese piece of crap with some REALLY ugly sidewall cracks. It’s definitely a campground/racetrack scooter until that gets replaced. Oh well, I'm super happy to have revived this little guy, after my epic failure to get that Honda Helix sorted.

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