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Rooting Around [POLITICS and RANT]

1956 Troll (Norway), of which 15 were built.
1956 Troll (Norway), of which 15 were built.
Image: The Internets

Here are a couple of pieces I read on The Root today, with more than passing interest:



The first story, Senators Rubio and Sullivan, they will hopefully be pilloried for this because they’ve earned it. How stupid? That stupid. How stereotypical of clueless White politicians in Murica? That clueless. Boggles the mind. The people who vote for clowns like these two, and racists like Jeff Sessons? Of course they’re not racists themselves, but they’re by golly accessories to racism if they’re not actual racists. Accessories.


And Kanye? If a Black writer on the Root can write that Kanye is anti-Black, can I be anti-Kanye and not be an accessory to racism? I find Kanye West uniquely awful and loathsome, right up down there with President Trump. They are neither of them well men, and both influential enough to effect harm.

I’ve been mostly staying away from politics these days in this space, unlike my once and former alter ego handle. In this case, I feel like I need to say something, and I’m trying to be thoughtful, and perhaps I can offer a thought that will help one or some of you have a constructive conversation the next time you encounter one of the turd polishers. Don’t argue with them. There’s too much of people just shouting slogans over barricades these days. Write your own slogans, like accessory to racism.

Thank you. Have a nice day.


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