Don’t ever let anyone tell you that hanging a big-ass rope 23’ off the ground is easy. Just a small price to pay to intimidate my neighbors...with how ripped I’m about to get!


The neon lines to the right are a 2" slackline (with overhead training line) that runs 40' between two trees.

Hard to believe the world record for climbing a rope this length from the seated position with NO FEET is just a hair over two seconds. This used to be an Olympic sport until 1932, IIRC.

I set up both strands side-by-side, which also allows you to do double rope climbing (one hand on each) or if I want to tie knots in one for the kids, I can do that, too.

You can also do battle ropes if you’d like, but it’s a bit different than having them at ground level. Same effect on the shoulders and core, though.

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