As I move on from my Galant VR-4 it’ll be hard to not look back at the good times. So I’m going to make a list of everything thing wrong with it. That way when I think “man I should have kept that car” I can look at this list and be reassured that I made the right choice.

Let’s start with the stuff that wouldn’t be a problem on a race car, but suuuuck on a daily driver.

1. The exterior driver door handle is Borked.

2. The front passenger door panel wiggles and squeaks like a piggy.

3. The heater is anemic, probably a plugged heater core

4. A/C doesn’t work, compressor made a terrible sound so I cut the belt off.

5. The trunk release is broken, and I don’t have the trunk key, the only way to open the trunk is to reach through the ski hole(no food down seats) and use a broken mop handle to turn the latch.

6. 2 of the four speakers are blown, and the tape player doesnt work, this car doesn’t have the optional CD player.

No some major mechanical issues

1. On the way home tonight the alternator/power steering pump belt snapped. I got the car home but it might not move till spring because screw wrenching in the cold.


2. It’s cold idle is about 2800rpm. Still not sure why

3. It burns oil, and leaks coolant

4. It runs rich and smells like gas, at least it’s premium

5. Blown shocks and springs on all four corners

6. A totally FUBAR’d wheel bearing on the left rear

7. If you’ve been driving hard for awhile and then let it idle, it get dangerously hot.


How about cosmetic?

1 there is rust growing behind the front wheels that I’m too scare to investigate.

2. The driver’s seat is ripped up.

3. Lots of tiny dents scratches and what not, never really bothered me on this car tho. Ultimately it is a beater, just a very expensive one.