The best driving car I’ve ever owned was a red 2005 RX-8 GT. The thing had every option you could get. I walked into the dealer hoping my budget could get me in to a stripped down basic model - as long as it was a manual.

The car was ridiculously cheap because although it had a clean title, it was a repo recovery. It had everything - even the metal rotary accents and navig ation. 1200 miles on it when I bought it. $28000 out the door. The biggest purchase of my life at that point other than my house and one that was hard to justify. I have a patient wife with this car shit.


Holt shit, I loved that car. I drove it daily for 7 years, all over California to the tune of 140,000 miles. That thing handled like no car I have ever driven. I haven’t driven a Porsche or a Ferrari, but in a canyon I can’t imagine anything short of a motorcycle doing better.

But I live in a hot climate and the Wankel betrayed me. I loved it so much I spent $4000 to replace the engine the first time the seals failed. The second time, it had to go. But God damn if that was not a hell of a car. I understand rotary addicts.

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