Rotten morning/road trip apps

There is a constant war my house in the morning, as my younger son refuses to get moving in the morning so my wife can take him to school. He is at a defiant age, and he pushes her around a bit. Then I have to be the bad guy, which is a shitty dynamic for all of us. I am sitting in my room doing the stress breathing thing they taught me at cardiac rehab.

On the upside, the first rain of the year is falling steadily. No Sunchaser today. On a random note, I added another element to my home exercise program.


I also bought a small folding bench, and used them yesterday before my treadmill session. The exercise world can be a daunting place to embark when you are a fat guy who had a heart attack too soon trying to get healthy. I am choosing to ignore the chatter and sales pitches, and purchasing items where I can follow what they showed me in cardiac rehab, which is fairly simple. I am going to research and learn, and eventually it may get more sophisiticated as I get deeper into it.

Oh well. Shitty day ahead with a bunch of client bullshit I don’t want to deal with. I am cranky this week. I am supposed to go to the opening ceremonies of the County Fair tomorrow at the invitation of the Hispanic Area Foundation, but I think I am going to cancel.

I need the storm to clear by Thursday. Sunchaser trip will not be revised.

On that note, I am looking for a good Android road trip planning app that will allow me to plan and record routes. Anyone try something like this and have a recommendation?

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