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Rough Day

My wife drove the SS to work because I needed her car to transport a lawn mower. Shortly after arriving at I work, I get a call from her. An employee of hers just frantically ran up to her to tell her she opened her door into the SS.

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Damage isn’t terrible, but I’m trying to figure out how to repair it. Thankfully the hit was close to the door handle where the sheet metal is fairly rigid and there doesn’t appear to be a ding. I can’t quite tell if this is just clear coat damage. I can feel it with my finger nail but it doesn't seem deep.  I’m having a hard time getting a better picture because my camera wants to focus on the items in the reflection rather than the paint.


Thoughts on who to take this to? Traditional body shop? Detail shop? I have trusted shops for both options.

Side rant:. My wife’s usual parking area is very tight. The spots are shallow, narrow, and up against concrete pillars. She has already lost a battle with the concrete pillars with her Saab, and it also sports a fair share of dings. So we agreed if she took the SS into work, she would park behind her building where there are 60+ unused spots. It adds 3 minutes on to her walk into work.


Guess where she parked it. Sigh, non car enthusiasts just don’t understand.

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