We’ll be heading to the crowd-favorite Road America for the third race of the season. Target lap time is 2:22.5. We’ve still got a few spots left on the grid and it’s early in the season so if you want to join us we’d love to have you. Series info here, anything else just ask.

Because another racer asked about this last round I’d like to clarify that you build your car to the target lap time in hot lap mode, not in your own online lobby; because of this lap times on race day will usually be faster than the target time I post thanks to drafting and Fourza’s weird online settings and the like. That being said, no one ends up disadvantaged using this system because all our cars are built to identical lap times in hot lap mode and are equally affected by the race day lobby’s settings. You’ll still be running with the pack, we’ll all just be a bit quicker than we were in practice.