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HIGHS Attractive, spacious, simple powertrain menu.

LOWS Some buyers may want more choices, lower trims feel cheap.


Also, my opinion on the Ranger, reiterating what I said in my comment in the FP post, understand this is coming from someone who has never owned a truck-


I have seen and read every single one of these reviews I posted, for the first time ever in my life, based on seeing and reading reviews, I kinda want a truck- and this one specifically. I don’t prefer Crossvers but I like the appeal of a truck instead because it is so different to what I usually like- Sports Sedans and Wagons. I’ll not use it to go offload or tow. Perhaps the occasional Home Depot trip, but they market the ranger as an outdoorsy lifestyle vehicle and it will fit me just fine, I wont complain that it is not trucky enough to do all the trucky things, I have not driven the old one so I wont complain how big it’s become. I just want one because it is cool, and practical. It has the right size and space, Good tech and safety features, A solid turbo engine and I absolutely love how it looks. This is how I would configure one-4WD XLT sport supercrew with 302 and sport package. I don’t see myself owning one for a long time so it’s lease for me.

I have ridden in the V6 Colorado, I like the new RST trim as well, perhaps as an alternative option but the 2.3 Ecoboost with all that torque and that 10 speed would be perfect for daily driving, especially in traffic.


F150 is just too big, I don’t want a full size behemoth. I don’t like how the Ridgeline looks, and instead of that I’d rather buy the Honda Passport. I like how the Tacoma in TRD trims look also but then again reviews show it’s more unrefined and I think the newer Ranger with the bells and whistles is a better family daily driver vehicle. Of course I have to test drive all the midsize ones to see what suits me best, but as of today I am very impressed by the Ranger’s overall package.