Today we travel to the wilds of the Southwestern Ohio Suburbs. These heavily forested areas are home to a vast number of different species, ranging from the smallest of Vehiculous-Compactici to the lumbering Bulltrucks. Amongst the myriad of Speckled Beige Camráe and German Panzersedans we find a beast rarely seen in this region.

The Landroving Defender is a creature of ancient origins, with fossilized remains appearing nearly identical to their modern ancestors. This particular male specimen seems to have ventured far from its birthplace in the English Isles. It also shows signs of old age and a few battle scars from fighting during multiple mating seasons. Notice what features have allowed this species to stay alive over the millennia, the dull green color to blend into the forestation to sneak up on his prey and the white top to keep cool in the blinding sun of the great Savannah.