Has anyone else tried playing Angry Birds Transformers?

I was kinda excited hearing about it last year, and installed it soon after it hit the Play Store, but unfortunately, it's been downhill since then. The game is a mess, slow and buggy to the point of being frustrating, and worst of all, Rovio doesn't seem to care. I've contacted them twice now about issues with the game, with less than satisfying results.


The first time was back in November, when I had problems with the game crashing if I tried to watch bonus videos (basically, you watch a 30-60 commercial and in return they double your score for the mission) and just generally being buggy and slow. They recommended upgrading to the newest version of the game, and when that had the same issues, replied that there were known issues with the game on Samsung tablets, and that they were working on it. Mind you, this is just scratching the surface, I've not even mentioned the glitches in the graphics, the random slowdowns, or how calling in reinforcements occasionally results in the character just sitting in the way, or ghosting through my character, or not actually shooting at anything, all of which disabled the special attack and transform buttons, making you easy pickings for the enemy pigs, towers, or walking mortars. Like an idiot though, I kept at it, finding work-arounds and hoping a new patch would cure some of the ills.

In late December, that patch was released, adding new levels, characters, and a customization element (which is really just another way for Rovio to make money). It also cured the problems with reinforcements. Unfortunately, it also added other bugs, as the game would now crash if too many enemies appeared on screen, or if the I got hit by missiles, or just whenever. Also, I'll complete a mission, only to have another unplayed mission disappear, and not receive coins and popped piggies for the mission completed. I complained again to Rovio on the 26th, and only heard back today.

Hello there,

and thanks for contacting us!

This is actually a known issue in the game and is currently being investigated. We try to get it fixed as soon as possible. Our sincerest apologies!

Best regards,


Rovio Support Team

Really? Really?! It's called beta testing Rovio, look it up. I've dropped my review again, now to one star, and I've stopped playing the game at this point, only farming past levels for coins. I'd uninstall it entirely, but I don't want to have to level my characters back up again, should they ever actually fix the game.

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