Repost for the Morning Crowd (since last night was dead around here).

So, spent yesterday with the girlfriend going on a pretty awesome drive through the mountains in the Prelude Si, taking the long scenic route on my way to see a friend. Was a wonderful time, filled with open windows and sunroof, no radio, good conversation, interspersed with squealing tires and her screaming and laughing and often proclaiming her certainty of our impending deaths, lol.



I did learn some things about the car during the drive:

1) I need to upgrade my brake fluid. Twice during the day's driving I had to let the brakes cool due to brake fade. It'll probably wait a while though, as I just put new pads on and I'm planning on putting on new rotors and switching to Dot-4 next time I put on new pads (I plan on upgrading to ceramic of EBC Greens), so I'll just keep the heating issue in mind until then when driving hard.


2) Skinny, low-grip tires on a RWD vehicle? Awesome fun. Skinny, low-grip tires on a FWD vehicle? Terrifying. Especially when you realize your brakes have faded.

3) On the side of a mountain on a gravel pass-through with your girlfriend in the passenger seat is not the place to practice your Scandinavian Flick if you want to have a right-hand ear drum left at the end of the day.


For the most part the weather played nice and it was very scenic...until I dropped her off and began heading home, at which point a massive storm rolled in and dropped a monsoon on us.It was bad enough that I was running my wipers full blast and the car next to me hit a huge splash and sent a massive wave over my windshield. I guess it was too much water for my driver's side wiper arm, because I heard something go "ping!" and it stopped working.

I pulled over into a gas station and after about 15 minutes, got the assembly and trim pieces apart enough to see that the arm that connects the wiper pivot to the motor gear was no longer connected. Apparently the plastic piece that hooks to the gear snapped from the strain. Looks like I'll be hitting up the '86 'lude in the Pull-A-Part next weekend to get that part. Oh well...


I wound up taking the passenger side arm loose and re-positioning it so that it's pointed nearly straight up on the windshield and when I engage it, it wipes the driver's side instead. It should do okay for a week, it seems.

The silver lining? Now I feel like one of those LeMans cars with the one central wiper.


P.S. - Cool Pro-Tip:

Want to re-live our wonderful Sunday drive? Just do the following:

1) Open the link to the map in the first paragraph.

2) Switch to Google Earth (install the plug-in if need be)

3) Just before the written directions on the left hand side, you'll see a "3D" button on the right side of the pane. Click that.


4) Sit back and watch the magic happen as it retraces the route.

5) ????