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RTX 2070.... ?

So I’ve made an executive decision to plop RTX 2070 video card into one of the workstations.

Bought a splitter


Upgraded PSU to 800+ watt unit.

Received a banged up video card - some visible damage on mounting brackets, but shouldn’t cause any performance issues. USPS did a number on this package.


Plugged everything in. Monitors don’t show anything. Fans take off for a second and then stop.

From what I am reading, fans only spin when card is hot. So I have no idea if the video card is working or if it’s not getting enough power... or if the card is damaged.

I’ve ordered some sata to 6/8 pin power adapters. Coming tomorrow... but I am guessing card is damaged.

What say you? How do I tell if the card has enough power?

Shouldn’t I see some boot up pictures from a video card that might not yet have the drivers installed? I think it should. 

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