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Rudolph the red nosed Camaro SS

I don’t make it a habit to prioritize one review above another. I generally edit my videos in the same order as I shoot them. This time was the exception. Since it is the season Preston (the owner) donned his 2017 Camaro SS with a red nose. It was zip tied on and neither of us had a blade. So, the only option is to upload before Christmas so I can have a Christmas themed video like every other YouTuber out there right? The big problem was that I only had a week to get it done. In the end I “wasted” my entire Saturday finishing up the edit. Every time I am surprised at how much time this hobby gobbles up in post-production...

This is the first Camaro in my review repertoire and it was needed. It was quite literally a Mustang fest for a long time. Not that I am complaining, I’ve driven some really cool ones, and there are plenty more Mustangs I haven’t reviewed yet and would love to. A Mustang II King Cobra, a Fox... a GT350... GT500 etc etc. ANYWAY, I digress... A Camaro had been on the wish list alongside a Challenger for a long long time. It feels pretty darn good to check it of the list.

Now the only one left is the MOPAR! Perhaps that will happen in 2018 if the stars allign. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I hope to see everyone on the flip side!


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