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ruh roh

had a lil misshap at work earlier... wrench slipped and i ended up punching a sharp corner of sheet metal.... got me right smack dab in the middle of the second knuckle of me index finger

bled like a stuck pig (turns out the guy supervising me is squeemish..lol..that was fun) anyhoo..the knuckle is pretty much a flap now... but didnt hurt much at the the time.. so ive just cleaned it and put a band aid on once i got the bleeding stopped.... replaced the band aid with a fresh one at the end of me shift

anyhoo several hours later my index finger is about twice as big around as me middle finger and hurts from the first knuckle down to me hand


on a scale of tis but a flesh wound to killer rabbit....how likely am i to need to miss some work time to get a doc to go look at that?

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