Ruh Roh... A Bit Leaky

I haven’t been driving the Camry all that much, since I go to school in the city now... but I took it out today and when I came back, I parked further back and noticed 2 spots in the driveway....

From the looks of it, I’m assuming I now have a radiator leak, since it’s coming from the very front.... Which, if that’s truly the case, that’ll be the end of road for the Camry :(


That other leak appears to be an oil leak coming from the passenger side. The oil leak surprised me, because it typically doesn’t burn or leak any oil....

I will have to take it to my mechanic to really see what’s going on. Insurance expires the end of October, so by then, I’ll have to decide whether or not I’m going to keep it. :(

Can already say that the future doesn’t look too good for the poor old Camry...

211k aint too shabby though.

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