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Runlopnik: Achievement Unlocked!

I hate running. Mostly. For about 10 years, ever since I did my first 5k (out of about 10 or 12 total), I’ve always had this mental barrier of 22:00 — from around age 27 until now (39), whether I was a lean 185# or a mediocre 205# (now), I could never get better than about 22:30.

I usually prioritize lifting and strength over running and conditioning, so a couple months ago I decided to try running 2-3 days a week. I train in a very hilly area where my mile pace might range from low-6:00 downhill to nearly 10:00 uphill.


Today I found a fairly flat asphalt golf cart/walking track and decided to go for consistency:

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One fun thing I learned recently is that there’s a calculator based on you age and weight, which “normalizes” your time against an average competitive runner (male: 25 years old and 143#). It says I’m at about an 18:07 adjusted time, which would be pretty solid.

I’m in WAY better shape now than when I was 25. There’s hope for us older guys yet...

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