Anyone on Oppo a runner? Training for anything in particular? Next race? I’m getting back into it after taking a little too long off and wouldn’t mind some tails of great training or racing success to keep me motivated.

I ran 4x400 last night on the track with 100 walk/jog inbetween. Laps were 76, 76, 76, 80. I’d eaten literally right before I ran but I didn’t want to miss my chance. It’s mostly just a workout to get my legs moving but as you can tell, the wheels fell off on the last one.

Mileage in the last week was probably 18. I’m trying to build back up to 40ish. I have no races planned but I’m going to sign up for a 5k before the end of the month. In my wildest dreams, I'd get back into decent 1500m shape and go mix things up in open d2/d3 track meets.