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Running in the 80's~90's

I just had a great idea when I woke up this morning which has motivated me tremendously. It all started when I picked up a new atlas yesterday. When I finish my mustang the one thing I want to do is a road trip without the help of gps or electronics for directions. Then it hit me. I really wanted to see Radwood but it’s all the way in California and I am in New York... That’s it!

The Cannonball Run but modified to end at Radwood. Furthermore, I am adding some extra guidelines to the run. The biggest one yet is NO ELECTRONICS you can obivously have your phone for communication or emergencies but you cannot have 20 gps’ running with different routes and a myriad of radar detectors searching for every single band in existence. Just you and a co-driver preferably in 80's~90's attire for Radwood bombing across the country. Then on the way back you take it slow and explore places you never would have otherwise.


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