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Running out of polite ways to deal with solicitors.

Had to actually close the door while the guy was still talking.

Usual scenario: doorbell rings, dog goes nuts, and two 19*-year olds standing with frozen smiles and clipboards.


“Can I help you?”

“Hello, sir! How are you today?”

“Fine...?” as I try to get my dog away from the screen.

They stretch their badges out to me, tethered by lanyards around their necks.

“We are here to offer you an exciting opportunity —”

“Not interested.”

“Do you have frontier?”

“Nope I’m good, thank you.”

I motion to close the door. He keeps going.

“Well most people who have Xfinity set up are eligible for —”

“NOT INTERESTED. Thank you.”

“We —”



No means no, you annoying fucks.

Thank you for reading.




.* - To ChariotofLove: 🤪🤪🤪

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