Rush Hour:

The worst time to hunt the Pokemons. Caught this Hellcat powered Abra though.

Went downtown after work and MY MOLY what a bunch of morons. Makes me glad I work in the suburbs of the suburbs and barely see any major traffic.


But between the people running lights, not indicating, backing up because they missed a parking spot, driving on the wrong side of the road (an ambulance, but STILL), or blocking intersections because they chose to ignore the RIGHT TURN ONLY 6AM TO 6PM sign because trying to cross 4 lanes of rush hour is a BAD IDEA and they didn’t GAF....


But hey, loving the new weather effects in PoGo and the spawns that happen during them. Today it went from clear to cloudy to windy and I caught all KINDS of unusual stuff. Well, unusual for these parts.

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