Russian Airliners - Why Do They Still Bother ?

I'm playing a game on the iPad called Airport Tycoon when I'm commuting, and this eventually led me into looking at the current Russian airliners offering.

Pictured above is a Tupolev Tu-204, it's a modern narrow-body similar to a 757 with a modern glass-cockpit and equally modern (and Western) Rolls-Royce engines.


The thing is, since its launch in 1989, Tupolev never made more than 10 in a year, with an average of about 2 a year (some years they made zero of them)

Out of the 41 in service, 16 are stored and only 15 are on firm order.

How is it even profitable for Tupolev, and how is it even a good idea for a commercial airline to fly these oddball planes ?

By comparison, Boeing delivered 482 737's (all version) in 2014

But there's also Ilyushin ..


The IL-96 is even more marginal. It's a long haul wide body similar to the 767.

14 have been made (all version) and 12 are stored.

I don't understand Russian airliners.

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