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Russian ramblings

We continue our exploration of the world’s car buying statistics and head east (or west, depending where you you start from) to the chilly steppes of Russia, land of dachas, despots and dodgy financial dealings. Also land of a megalomaniacal nutcase

So, what do the Russians buy? Do Lada reign supreme? Do they buy exotic developing world specials? Has anyone asked that question which is answered by Subaru? No, not so much and no.

So let’s put on our furry hats and dive in for the period to September.

Lada Granta

Hyundai Solaris

Kia Rio

VW Polo

Renault (aka Dacia) Logan

Renault (also aka Dacia ) Duster

Lada Largus

Lada Kalina

Lada 4x4

Toyota Camry

The Granta is a small car developed with Renault which is exported to some Western countries while the Kalina is a smaller and older version of it. The Kalina is called the Lada 119 in Finland because kalina means “rattle” in Finnish. The Largus is a Dacia Logan MPV


Both the Granta and Kalina are called that on Lada’s Russian website as opposed to the expected Гранта and Калина.

The Hyundai Solaris is called amongst other things the Accent elsewhere. The nearest model that I could buy is the i20.

The Lada 4x4 is the good old Niva, still pounding the Russian wastelands after all these years.

The Russian for test drive is тест-драйв, literally test-draiv

Have a Granta.


And a Kalina


And a 4x4 LWB


To accompany these, have a nice vodka and a nutjob


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