To say the Sentra has a “rust problem” is a bit of an understatement. The rocker panels are non-existant at several points and are completely deformed from how they should look, there is paint bubbling on the front and rear fenders, and the areas at the back of the front wheel wells below the door hinges are just masses of iron oxide. Fortunately it seems contained entirely to the thin sheet metal of the body (lol japanese cars), and only on the lower portions. My thoughts are to take off the fenders and wire-wheel back any rust on the underlying car until I see bare metal, then hit it with some black Rustoleum (because Rust-o is in the name!) to prevent it from coming back. The lower attach points for the fenders are likely toast so I’ll probably end up cutting those out and welding in some mild steel. It can be ugly, nobody will see it. The rockers though... I’m not sure if I should try saving what’s there or cut off the entire rocker panel and re-make it using sheet. It’s a really simple shape but I dunno if I could pull that off. Rear fenders I’d just wire wheel down the rust and patch any holes with bondo+wire mesh.

Meh. Bodywork.