Rust- A GM only sort of thing?

Vehicles rust. I get it. You can’t help but look down the street however and see that cars seemingly fair a lot better than trucks do- and they are closer to the salt spray.

This said, I bought a 08 GMC that had been parked in a field for a while, and the underside had a good bit of rust. I was shocked however to learn that when trying to prep for POR, the frame was never painted. On the 80 degree day, if I touched the frame with my hand, I was turned black. I later learned that this is because gm, since the late 90s ‘waxes’ they frames. I was able to see bare metal after spraying my frame with purple power.


Armed with this knowledge, I went to NAIAS this weekend. I checked all the manufacturers, and you guessed it, GM is alone in the waxing game. Plus, the Colorado and Canyon both have painted frames. It is strictly the full size trucks that get this special treatment. (This was tested with the fingernail test) BTW, toyota’s frame paint seemed to be best.

I love GM vehicles, but this whole wax frame deal is kinda weird to me. People say that the wax is the best way to prevent rust- while it very may be, it certainly is not and never will be as tough as paint. Even though not a huge issue, I like my things to remain nice, so I don’t want to buy something that even remotely has the chance of rotting within 30 years, even if I don’t own it that long. Thoughts?

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