Face it, when it comes to cars, rust“proofing” is a lie. It’s more like rustdelaying, or rustprolonging. Given that everything will eventually succumb to decay, how do you protect your ride?

Winter beater? Excessive underside washes?

A friend sent this article a while ago, I’ve been re-reading it a few times lately.


Link if Kinja.

In summation, a Canadian couple that does an annual coating of their compact car. More interesting than most is the level of detail which is given to accessing as much steel as possible.

More photos in the blog post but Kevin pulls quite a few body panels and components to access seams, joints, and drain plugs. At the time their post was written, their car had endured 11 or 12 salty Ontario winters and still looks this clean.


Photo: Travel With Kevin And Ruth.

I waxed the LX this weekend and sprayed most of the underside with Fluid Film. Even though CO doesn’t get much salt, the DOT has been stepping up application of mag chloride which isn’t great for metals either. We do a moderate amount of highway traveling and salt/mag content is generally higher there. Better $20 of spray safe than sorry?