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Rust Proofing suggestions?

For all the rust belt inhabitants, I have a question about what others had done for rust proofing?

I somewhat recently bought a GX470 that has spent 99% of its life in non rust states (NC and NV) and while they are better than 3rd gen 4-runner frames they still can have rust issues.

I have been looking at Krown, Fluid Film, and a couple others but have been indecisive on going through with it. I have pretty much pegged Krown as the leading candidate because its the closest.


I had seen previously someone with a Wrangler on OPPO that had done Fluid Film in the New England area and it looked brand new underneath.

Mine doesnt look new underneath but its pretty decent and I want to keep it that way.


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Photo: https://www.bournadventure.com/articles/vehicles-2005-lexus-gx470

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