Happy new year everybody!

This is just the tip of the iceberg
This is just the tip of the iceberg

Last night I thought about how eventful 2017 was, here’s a little write up of all car stuff, which quite frankly, is most of the events anyway :)

Car Shuffling

Beginning of the year, I bought a Renault Mégane 3 RS, discovered I couldn’t register it, took it back to the shady dealer who sold it to me, got screwed.
I then bought a 208 GTI, which I took to the first ever Oppomeet Europe, had a lot of fun with my little hatchback for 3 months, and sold it to my neighboor after 3 months with a nice profit.
In between, I sold my perfectly reliable A4 to a good friend of mine, after he promised I wouldn’t bother me with any issues the car might have in it’s lifetime.
I then got another Mégane RS, drove it for a few months, took it to the Oppositelock Alpine Tour, and sold it just before winter, managing to sell it for what the car had cost me.
Lastly, I found a Peugeot 505 V6 parts car, that had all the stuff my broken V6 needed, allowing me to finally take it back to the road.


I also helped getting new cars for my brother in law, my other sister’s boyfriend, and my parents.

The Shop

I spent a lot of time in the shop this year, finally getting stuff done that had been piling up.
I rebuilt the engine of the 6 cylinder Bel Air, put it in the car, rebuilt the front suspension, gave it a new carpet, and then stalled for several month. I’m currently on it again.
The V8 Bel Air got a new floorpan, new carpeting, and a new headliner, giving the interior a much better look.
I rebuilt a slightly more powerful engine for the Pajero, changed it’s transmission, and finally changed the leafsprings in the back.
I finally got to work on the 505 V6, rebuilding the front suspensions, rear axle, and the brakes as well as some smaller stuff to get it back to the road.



Oppomeet of course! A really nice trip with a lot of friendly people which share the same unhealthy relationship with cars. My first experience on the Nürburgring, or any track really. An equally frightening and fun experience.


The Oppo Alpine roadtrip: breathtaking scenery, fun roads, lots of miles, lots of inrteresting and beautiful cars, and entertaining breakdowns.

I crashed a 12 car Delorean meet a friend of mine organized with my Chevy.

After having been told a lot of times I should do weddings with my Chevy, I tried it, I did 4 weddings in total, 1 was my cousin, 1 was the friend of a colleague, and 2 weddings were random couples that replied to my ad.
I won’t do weddings for strangers anymore, people don’t respect the car nearly as much as I expect them to, resulting in damage and headache.


Good luck beating this, 2018!

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