I have a cool little thing in my car that plugs into the power outlet and gives me two power outlets, an LED bar graph for voltage and a couple of USB ports. Well, it’s dead now.

I stopped by Wendy’s the other day and ordered a combo meal, something I don’t normally do since I don’t normally eat fries or drink soda. Thankfully you can just get sparkling water, which is what I did, and since it was a hot day I refilled it before I left..

I didn’t take the cup out of the car, and actually just let it sit there for a few days. I figured I’d getting around to dumping it out eventually, but in the mean time it wasn’t causing any harm. Well, I got that one wrong.

I plugged in the phone and noticed that it wasn’t charging. The LEDs were telling me that this thingy was getting voltage, and I started to wonder why the USB ports weren’t working. Well, as it turns out, that cup of water had deteriorated and the water had leaked from one side of the cup holder assembly to the other, filling the charging thingy with water and rusting it out. D’oh! I thought it was sealed on the bottom, but apparently that wasn’t the case. On the bright side, I do have another one of these somewhere, and the cupholder assembly did contain all of the fluid, so at least I didn’t flood the center of my car.


And people ask why I don’t eat or drink in my car. This. This is why.