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RWB & Coffee // August 4th 2018

A new month begins which means time for another Cars and Coffee!

Temperature was down a little, but I forgot my hat so that didn’t do much for me. It is crazy how much more uncomfortable it is without that darn thing on my head. Using the brim as a sun shade instead of my hands makes for easier shooting as well!


Walking onto the show I decided to stick to some imports and more current cars. Once I hit up the supercar section I was greeted by two very impressive rides. One being the RWB “Pandora One” Porsche which became the cover car for this month. But only because I did not have a flattering shot of the Euro Spec Ferrari F40. That has to be my all-time favorite Ferrari. It even sounded raw as it drove off.

Naturally I should have posted the burnout (timestamp in description of the video) in the thumbnail, but I have somewhat of a mental block against using those type of thumbnails. One it entices others to start acting out in front of the camera to get their car on the thumbnail next. This hurts the show (I am sure law enforcement will be up in September) and two it turns me into a YouTuber constantly chasing the next clickbait thumbnail. Both things I have no interest in.


Anyway, tell me what you thought of this months edition! I appreciate the support I have been getting on these videos. It’s only a hobby, but the interaction part is the fun part!

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