My current fantasy car shopping has taken me to the realm of the F-line of Lexus. I’ve been looking at used post-2010 IS-Fs, GS-Fs, and LC500s.

The GS-Fs are getting cheaper and cheaper because no one wants them, but they’re a little big.


An updated IS-F is tough to find, let alone in great condition. I think it’s the best size, certainly the stealthiest of the bunch. But also the oldest.

The LC500 is my favorite-looking and newest of the bunch, but by far the most expensive... and least useful. It’s also about as subtle as a that lady from Seinfeld that wore no bra, then later wore *just* a bra and blazer... What were we talking about again?


Then I got to thinking... There is something else out there. Something even more inconspicuous, useful, that has something none of the above Lexuses have.


Yes, the Chevy SS. Obvious hurdles apply: insane resale value, very few units sold (two on CarGurus with a manual right now) this making finding one impossible. Even worse: blue is the best color so what are the odds of finding a local, affordable, blue, manual SS? Eh, it’s above 0% but also below 1%


The good/bad news is that I could never justify purchasing — nor could I actually afford — any of these.

Thank you for your time.

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