What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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Found time yesterday to head up to the Lake Erie Speedway for some autocross. There was a huge turnout - paired with the late start and being 2 hours away from home, it was a long day.

The RX7 did well. Being stock suspension, stock engine (except the exhaust and some carb work), and running chinese all-seasons (go try to find good street tires in 13" - I’ll wait) meant for some slow times. My best time was a few seconds slower than the next guy. It was fun, though.

Out of 7 runs, my fastest and slowest were less than 3 seconds apart, despite trying different things on almost every run to try and catch up to the pack.


For perspective, my best run was a 58.9; ES miatas were in the low 50s, my friend’s Mini (DSP) was around 47, and fastest of the day (an SSR miata) was 44.5 or so.

Not sure what’s up with my GoPro but it seems to have lost the ability to focus more than a few feet away, which is a bummer since I use it about twice a year.

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