I daily drove an RX-8 for 5 years. As a driving experience, it was the best car I’ve ever driven. Mine was a repo recovery GT with every option that I bought for the price of a base model - with a warranty. 50-50 weight distribution, best handling car I’ve ever driven by far. Once I got used to it, I loved the rotary driving experience. (The key is to know you have no torque, but have limitless RPM). Once you stop fearing the redline, that 6 speed short throw manual was fucking orgasmic. I remember driving highway 198 east from King City (one of California’s greatest twisty roads, and a guy on a bike (a big BMW GS) could not figure out how a car could stay with him through the curves. Pushing that car to its limits in the canyons was the best performance driving experience I ever had. I’ve never had a car that embraced being pushed to its limits like that one.

But it comes with a cost. Abuse combined with hot, dry climates is death to these cars. I gave it both as hard as you can. At 130,000 miles I put in a new engine. At 145,000, I got rid of it for the safety of my bank account. My wife cannot mention the word “Mazda” without an explosion of hate, so I don’t admit that a part of me wishes I had kept it in storage. I got shit for it.

I could have stuck it in storage with its rebuilt engine. It could not serve as a daily driver, but I’m convinced those things are going to be worth a lot of money. The styling is what would happen if a old school Ferrari mated with 2000GT

I’m at peace. At that point in my life I had no choice but to sell it for a daily driver that did not cost me so much. Today, I could have kept it, but the extra cars were not an option. I hope it is loved, and I am at peace

Pour one our for the RX-8 bright red - so many tickets