Well, I’m through with most of the reassembly of the core and I’m heading into the rest of it. 2.5 months seem to have escaped, but such is the work/life/#rotarylife balance.

I did have had extra time to check things out, study the workshop manual, watch videos, but wrench time... fleeting. Some issues I ran into prevented me from just diving right back into assembly once i had my core apart. I had a front housing with damage to the coolant passage...it wasn’t leaking any BEFORE...but it very feel confident it would spring a wide open leak if I ignored it.

Junked housing with a bad coolant channel.

And the end result so far..it turns relatively freely.
It makes the correct ‘pop’ ‘pop’ ‘pop’ noise.
And thankfully no additional sounds have turned up.

I know the world is on the edge of its seat reading what is basically a totally disjointed non-epic and slow as the speed of life build log.


I’ll see you all in a month or so!

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