It’s a nice day today (which is crazy - it actually feels like mid April outside!) so I took the RX7 out for the first drive of the year, excluding the previous around-the-block trip a couple weeks ago. It is very good, but needs a couple items addressed.

1: I need to adjust the alignment a bit, the wheel is not straight ahead. Needs to go a hair to the left, which means the wheels need moved a little to the right. I get confused with this very quickly. I’ll probably make it worse before I fix it.

2: The belts squeal. They never did before, but over the winter I swapped to a dual-sheave alternator pulley and new Gates belts (instead of an old cracking single belt). Naturally it now screams like a banshee anywhere above 5k, which is an issue when you are used to winding it up the whole way. The tension is right, so I’ll have to figure that one out.

3: I noticed when I got home while checking things I’ve worked on (the “did I remember to tighten this, then?” checks) that the rubber boot on my brand-new idler arm has split and is about to fall off. That one will be warranty. Not looking forward to changing it again.

Sorry for lack of pictures, it still leaks oil like a sieve from the dowel o-rings so I didn’t want to let it sit in my driveway long enough to take any. If the weather stays nice, I’m driving it to work tomorrow.