S-10 Leaking Part 2... Water Boogaloo

Fixed the leaking wheel wells and finally found the source of the upper dash leak which was caused by the windshield cowl drain. Cleaned it, brushed some por15 as best as I could in the tight area and only saw a dime size drop of water on the floor because of the recent rain storm... I’ll finish you later..... then I notice the rear floor board is full of water!

Did the ol’ paper towel and hosepipe trick and the cab air pressure vent is pouring water like a faucet into the cab and I found TWO MORE LEAKS!!!!

So I cut that M$^## F^** piece of $#&* open and siliconed the hell out of it inside and out.

I’ll just bend it back and tape it up. Theres the big plastic piece will cover it up. Try to leak now you piece of crap

Then the thin strip that separates the roof from the side is leaking.

I don’t know how to remove it, seems to be secured with foam and I placed a flathead screw driver where the door opens and got one corner up, but bends too much to my liking. This part is hard to find and probably made of plastic.

Rear window is not leaking and so as the 3rd brake light area, which according to S-10 owners are the most common leaking areas, I have all the other problems :|


I want my truck back!!! RAWR

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