I need your advice Oppo!

I have recently come across this on CL:

Now that seems like a pretty good deal, even without the hood, doors, and front fenders. Especially considering that my buddy, with whom I've been discussing building a Fox body rally car, has a complete 2.3L drivetrain, suspension, brakes, etc. for it.

My dilemma is finding affordable storage, where I can wrench on the car too. I know a lot of places specify storage only. So I'm looking for your guy's advice on the best place/way to find affordable (I'm talking a max of $100/mo) storage that will also allow me to work on the vehicle there. Is Craigslist the best route? Shady storage lot that doesn't car, or finding someone renting out a private on-unused garage? Is it even feasible for me to find storage like this? I'm in the northern suburbs of Chicago, and would be willing to travel about 30-40min or so in any direction for storage.

Any help is appreciated!