Good day to you, Sirs and Womens.

Recently while washing one of the company vehicles I noticed that the keyless door handles didn’t mind a wet tickle in place of a hand for opening.


I’ll do an article on that, I thought with my brain. I’ll email Merc and they will tell me all about how the door handles work. Of course, like any sane manufacturer who have had to install any type of antitheft device on something, they absolutely did not want to tell me how it works.

Here’s what I sent together with their answers:


Hope all is well, I’m writing a short piece for OppositeLock on the keyless go system on an S-Class.

I’m sure this system is standardised across all of the Mercedes range, so I’m hoping you will be able to help me with some technical questions

1. How does the handle detect your hand? is (sic) it a pressure sensor? If so does that mean there is a softer piece of trim on the inside of the handle so that it will yeild (sic) to a hand grip?

There is a sensor that reacts in combination with the ‘keyless’ key signal if a hand is slipped into the door handle. There is no need to touch the handle and door will still unlock. So no pressure sensor on Mercedes-Benz models.


2. Is there any artwork showing a cross section or cutaway of the door handle and how that relates to the locking mechanism?

Due to security reasons, we don’t have any artwork of this system

3. What are the tolerances on the handle for pressure/movement sensing? I.e. whats (sic) the threshhold (sic) to stop it from locking/unlocking in, say, bad weather or a car wash?

The keyless door functionality is not limited by weather conditions, such as heavy rain etc. The person holding the key decides when to lock/unlock the door.


Or to paraphrase all of the answers given:

‘I have no idea who you are, can you please stop asking me stupid, badly spelled questions and allow me to get on with my job writing copy for Newspress and hoping dreamy Chris Harris will come and whisk me away on a cloud of destroyed AMG GT tyres.’


This being Jalop territory though, I figured someone better qualified than me could explain in the comments how this tech works?

I will recommend your cotemer service forever.


Pretty please with a brown estate car on top?


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