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After building a relatively large city, I decided to make a new city, it shall be called mini city.

Originally Mini City was meant to be a farmland, but the farmers complained no one was available to work the farms, so I made a small residential area.


later on the farms were sorted, but many of the residents worked in the big city, so I began developing an office area and a commercial area. The offices weren’t developing correctly and the business would import their products from elsewhere, not what I wanted out of Mini City. So I put in some restraints, commercial areas needed to have “local” products (which includes the rest of the city) and I also chose the “IT cluster” restraint for offices.


Many cycles later, Mini City has 12,000 residents, of whom only 2,000 work for the farms and the rest are an assortment of baristas of the fair trade coffee shops, college students, and IT workers at the offices.

Oh, it also only has one metro station to connect it to the rest of the city, and it has a small amount of buses, but the residents seem to have no use for those buses, they either cycle or use their electric cars.


They need to import electricity, water and food...

So... did I just build a scale model of the Californian Valley region?

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