Greetings, salutations, and how are yous to all of my Opponauts. Here I present to you ANOTHER Fix-it/restoration/watch me be awesome/waste some time/get a laugh in posts. This time on “Waste time with Forge” I present to you, The S10w SS S10. Behold all of its glory. and BTW, this is my daily.

for $300 it can’t be beat
TriForce Power keeps you light on your feet.
Spray paint for the urban camouflage. I do live in the largest city in WV. A whopping 50,000 people
And the reason I call it the S10W SS.
To really get the feel for the struggle of the modern urban man, a mural, painted by a local artisan using the materials of the trade.


First things first, I don’t like a Chevrolet. S10's are good trucks, dead on reliable and tough as nails. cheap to buy and repair. Its just personally I prefer a Dodge over a Chevrolet. I bought this truck simply because the price was right. This is why I let all of my friends spray paint something on the truck if they wanted to, because F**k this truck. I really didn’t like it when I got it, but needed a vehicle and my neighbor had this rusting away in his driveway so I bought it.

When I bought it, it was black and the cab corners as well as the rear wheel arches had their typical amount of WV salt rust. So I did what anyone in my position, and area, would do. Bondo. Lots of Bondo. I slathered it on in heaps and gobs just to get it passed safety inspection.

After the bondo, I challenged all of my friends to spray something on it to make it unique. Only rules were no phalluses and no profanity. about a week later, the truck looked as you see it. Kept it like that all winter and spring.


Eventually I got sick of driving a ratty looking truck so 2 weeks ago I decided to do some work to it.

Started on the driver bedside.

That grey bit at the 11 o’clock position? Duct tape. Behind that? Cardboard and sanding screen for extra strength. Oh yea.



So I started sanding and found more than I bargained for. Apparently the truck had been painted before and this repair performed. This is what I found.


I dared not remove any of the previous (quality) repair work for fear of the whole lip of the fender falling off like limbs at a leprosy convention. I had discovered a small steel square deep within the bowels of Someone Else’s Garage and decided to use it.

Pro-tip, panel gaps make for decent manual metal brakes!

Bent an angle into the steel to simulate a lip

Best thing is to listen to the sounds of metal and get hammered.


Cut and Formed. Barely, because and I quote “f**k this truck”. Stuffed that piece and the remainder of the scrap in the holes just to fill them up enough to be satisfied.

Just a little cut n stuff. not quite a hotdog down a hallway, more like a sectional through an apartment door.

And then, Money Shot

All. Over. Her. Arch!


Then came the Dust Fairy, I palmed (sanded, using an electric palm sander) the hell outta that arch till she was good and smooth then hit it with some filler primer to see how bad I really was at sanding and blending bondo with metal.

Smooth as a teenagers face.

Bondo fill, sand, repeat

mmmmm.... creamy....


At this point I had spent 5 hours on this project and I would rather have a colonoscopy than do body work so I smoothed it out to “good enough” and painted the quarter with filler primer. Completely ignored the step where you clean it, smooth it, then wax and grease remover for prep because it was dark and I wanted to finish it and its just a work truck and F**k it.

To get the “patina” look just rub vigorously with a coarse wire brush and urinate on yourself because either drive a work truck or make it nice

Primer went on at Midnight, Flat black paint 12:45 (00:45). Krylon Ultra Flat Camo Paint too because SALE SALE SALE. Didn’t even bother to mask.


Marty and Moog: “BLAAAACK” Looks glossy because it was fresh and not dried yet.

And this is what it looks like today!

Mind you this repair is 2 weeks old and my truck is dirty. its a real 10 footer now.


Makes the truck look good at 10 feet then you get close and realize how many F**ks I gave with this repair.

thats not rust seeping through the paint, trust me i thought it was too

Considering I painted this thing in the darkness by a street light on a super humid windless night and could care less about the results as long as it didn’t look botched, I think I did well. Not to pat myself on the back or nothing but I’m satisfied. It doesn’t look half bad until you really look at it.


Hope you enjoyed this, I’ll post more on the S10w SS eventually. Its a long term half assed repair blog because f**k this truck. I Just want it to look better because I’m not 16 anymore (I’m almost 30) and I work at the local luxury automobile dealership and I’m sick of getting strange looks from clients.

Just So you people in Chebbyland know, Its a 1994 S10 SS factory console truck. 98,xxx miles, 4.3L HO (vortec) 195HP, 4L60E, 3:53 posi, black with a charcoal interior. all factory, no mods, runs like a champ, and I beat on it like it owes me money.