Update on the S10w ss res10ration

TriForce can be defeated with a can of cheap spray paint. If only Gannon knew..... and the bedside says “Team Rocket”

Nothing has happened. Except for the fact that it has become a little more nondescript. The TriForce on the hood drew too much attention. Lucky for me, I (and by that I mean my bestie Justin) found an old topper for a small truck of some kind for super cheap and attached it to the bed in the usual fashion. Self tapping screws.


Before you hate on me and my methods, remember, as of now this thing is just a grass cutting truck. I mentioned before my disdain for Chevrolets (which is unfounded but it doesn’t change my feelings) so I needed a truck for truck stuff and it has become a farm/grass/work truck. That and I don’t have the monies for proper clamping mechanisms. Screws are faster when I gotta take it off anyways. Plus I think the topper was made for a Toyota as it is a smidge wider than the bed.


Good news is that the topper makes the back glass act as a supercharged fan when you’re cruising down the road. Works good as the A/C isn’t the greatest.