S2000 Anniversary: The 1 year review

3 days late. Thankfully it didnt get in a strop with me because I didn’t buy it anything special to celebrate our year together.

So in the 12 months I have owned this mad little roadster I have done 14,000 miles through snow, rain and very occasional sun (this is the UK after all). It has lived up to its reputation of being a reliable little beast, with only servicing being needed. Today I have just completed the second service in my ownership, with fresh fluids and filters gracing the mighty F20C.


About that engine then: its not a bundle of torque, but I have yet to find that be an actual problem (rather than just a problem on the internets). It’ll pull away in 2nd, and pull from 70mph to 80mph without any difficulty and plenty fast enough to get me into trouble, as i discovered on Sunday. Whoops. Guess I’ll be off to a driver improvement course for my little misdemeanour... 79mph in a 70.

There have been some lows with the car. February was a pretty rough month with some family stuff meaning it did the run back home 6 times in 4 weeks (310 miles each time). That really made me dislike the car to be honest, it’s not a particularly refined motorway cruiser, and with a range of less than 300 miles per tank, was a pain in the arse. The wind noise doesn’t exactly scream comfort and civility too, so having to have music at super loud volumes made the journeys a bit arduous.

But then a couple of months passed, I did a road trip to the Nurburgring: 

Face of concentration...

And fell back in love with the car again.

From then its been used for a couple of trips to Goodwood, just returned from a trip up to the wilds of Yorkshire and and generally larking around. What’s most interesting is that this car has made me go and do car related things that I wouldn’t have done with the previous steed.


The only negative I have with the car currently is that the roof is leaking like a bastard. Ive fiddled with the seals to try and make it a little more water tight where it leaks at the A pillar, and the fabric is currently a mix of tillweave, patch material and duct tape.

Running costs wise, things have been not too bad, but more expensive than the Focus it replaced.


2 New tyres in December set me back £240ish. 2 services (done by myself admittedly) have set me back a little over £200. The fuel bills, I cant really face working out. And tax, that’s the kicker, at £500 a year :(

There are also a couple of big bills on the horizon, with a new roof being £660 because of the holes in this one now getting to the point of ridiculousness. There are 4 large duct tape patches keeping the water out as we speak... And it does need a trip to a honda garage to get the valves adjusted as that’s never been done. Finally a TCT might be on the cards. But thats not pressing.


So to sum up. S2000 good. Fuel bills bad.

Have had a couple of ideas of other cars, but every time i start looking I come back to the conclusion that the S2000 is more special than everything else I’ve looked at, and for the few things that are more interesting, I dont think I can face the running costs. So it looks like the S2000 is here to stay for a while.

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