I’ve had my S2000 for almost three weeks now. Everything I’ve done to the car so far has been basic daily-driver-worthiness stuff.

I installed a Pioneer Bluetooth CD head unit with the factory speakers. I dislike how the glossy face looks in the minimalist dash, so I’m going to tailor a matte iPad screen protector this week.

I have a set of AP1 wheels ready for when the snow arrives. I’m waiting to actually buy the tires in case we get a minimal snow year as sometimes happens in NJ, and I can squeeze through on the new all-seasons the car came with.

A Viper alarm is now on board; hopefully I never need it! I’m waiting for the S2000 seat lock master to roll out a new group buy so I can secure the seats.


I installed PIAA 400/500Hz Sport Horns. I hate Honda horns. This car needs a voice to go along with its engine note! The S2000 left the factory with two horns, so it was just a question of mounting the new ones in the OEM positions.

Future plans

I have an appointment next month with Billman, the Tri-State S2000 god mechanic, to do his once-over and hopefully find nothing wrong with the car. Only things niggling right now are a stubborn soft top drain problem and non-functional cruise control. I think the cruise control is because of a pedal sensor, but I’ve heard about pedal sensors getting messed up and crippling the car (e.g. clutch interlock), so I’m not going to try a DIY there. Pedals also need some lubrication, as they squeak a bit.


When the spring autocross season hits, I’m hoping to get some new summer rubber and a more sporting alignment. My candidates so far:

  • Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport (less aggressive)
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE11 (more aggressive)
  • Continental Extremecontact DW

I’m going to be looking for something good for daily driving plus occasional autocross, but my most important trait for this first “real” set of tires will be progressive loss of grip, so I can get to know the car well near the limits without worrying too much about sudden loss of grip.


Beyond that, I’m looking to stay stock for the foreseeable future. I’m sure over the next couple of years I’ll get a better sense of where the chassis/suspension might be improved, but it will probably be under the “upgrade things when they wear out” model.

I wouldn’t mind replacing the aging shift knob and boot. I’d love to score a hard top if I happen on the right circumstances, but they are super expensive. I would also be interested in some aero improvements, just based on what I’ve heard about the S not having the best aero characteristics: something like an OEM duckbill plus some sort of front lip or e.g. Amuse bumper.