HEY!!! I didn’t buy it..and probably won’t. (Sad face)

It was priced at 19,900 and I know there is wiggle room but my boss doesn’t give employee discounts. All in I’m looking at $22,137 exactly.

Unfortunately my finances come into play, seeing how either I pay my car off and trade it in (and get shafted) or my dad takes over the loan/pays it off and I dump my pay check into a down payment. The latter isn’t a smart move in my opinion as I do have other things to pay. I could finance through my own bank and not have to dump a huge down payment into a car, but it’d then be a huge loan in my name which I do not like.

Lastly, I don’t feel like I’ll be here very long and I’d rather not throw all the money I make into a car I cannot comfortably live in.

I is sad...