I’m sure this has been done absolutely to death, but in general I trust Oppo’s take on things more than internet fanboys.

Just looking for some opinions one way or the other. Rather than keep driving the Tacoma everywhere until Ford remembers where they put all those A/C compressors and then going to the hassle and expense of getting the Ford 2000 miles to where I live now, I’m considering picking up something used nearby and just selling the Ford once it’s fixed.

It’s important to note this will in all likelihood be a short-term vehicle, bridging the gap between now and when I can get my hands on a Focus RS.

The basic bullet points, as I see them:


1. 9000 RPM

2. Not going to depreciate much in a short time frame.

3. Kind of something I’ve always wanted to own.


1. Newer

2. As a result, will likely depreciate more than the Honda

3. Roof

4. I Know how it drives (I’d have to drive 50 miles or so to test drive an S2000. Not a huge deal, but.)


5. I know I fit in it. I’ve been told the S2000 isn’t bad about this, but my head sticks out of an NC miata, so I’m skeptical of small roadsters.

From what I’ve gathered, both cars like to be revved to make power, but the S2000 is much more particular in this regard. Might be jarring coming from the torque mountain that is the FoST.


I... don’t really like convertibles very much. It’s not for any of the “purist” reasons like rigidity or weight (although I’ve certainly noticed it on those that I’ve driven) it’s just that I know I wouldn’t use it much and therefore it wouldn’t be worth the inconvenience and disruption to styling.

So... what’s Oppo’s take on this? I’m also totally open to suggestions for something fun and reliable enough for <1 year that’s sub-25k