I hope everyone’s Turkey Day was good. We had 30 people at Friends-giving. I grew up with most of those people and here we are with dogs, and families and even babies. It’s cool to see everyone in the same place. My family thanksgiving went well as there was not a fist fight this year...

When leaving my in-laws on Thanksgiving the Audi said “Transmission malfunction, you can keep driving” Except I couldn’t keep driving because it wouldn’t go into drive or reverse! I pushed the car back into the driveway. Turned it off and on a few times, and the third time it went away...So it’s in for service this morning and I’m rolling a brand new Q5 which is much nicer than the older Q5 AMA.

Other than that I finally finished putting together the super nice router table that my wife got me for our first anniversary. I also built a house for our duck Lawrence. Turns out that Lawrence is a girl as she is now laying gigantic eggs! We’re keeping the name however.

Also one last development. Tripper is going to be a dad!

Happy Monday!

Pics of workshop/quack shack build:




The duck house was built without a plan and just from stuff I had laying around. I was so anti-leaving the house on black Friday, that I cut apart my saw horse to avoid going to home depot for another 2x4:)