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As of about 10 this morning the insurance company has totaled the S600, and they opened about $500 above my minimum value so things are looking good, very good. We can hold out a few days and probably get the $15-16,000 I wanted to begin with. With the fact that there are virtually no 600-trim specific parts, and those that are I have already easily found for cheap, and that there are enough used W220 parts on Ebay to build several cars, I am pretty confident that there is going to be a lot of money left over to get some extra stuff fixed on the car. First I have to get the EVAP solenoid and the secondary air injection pump done so it will pass inspection, then I’m thinking a new harmonic balancer, rack and pinion, steering sensor, a new set of chromed factory wheels and a nice new set of matching Continental DWS tires, and a transmission service.


On a side note, anybody from North Carolina have any experience with our salvage to rebuilt title process?

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